Slava, VE3ZF, operated the P49V station during CQWW 160 Phone and spent a few days vacationing on the island.

He writes:

“During my staying at your location I have operated in CQ WW 160 SSB contest as a P40Z, here is the score:

Total: QSOs = 58 State/Prov = 24 Countries = 21 Total Score = 24,525

Unfortunately I had a level of the noise on “57” during contest, all QSOs I did on search, it was not possible to operate on CQ.

Next my visit to Aruba I will bring beverages or something else for improving reception on low bands.

I did not operate DX from your radio – I listen HF bands – it was sufficient for future contest operation – NA, EU, SA is coming 59+ – next time when I will come will be necessary to take result in ARRL or something else.

Thanks again for an accommodation and giving me possibility to operate from Aruba, when I will be ready for a next trip to P4 I will contact you in advance.

73, Igor Slakva VE3ZF, also P40Z”