Aruba Ham Radio Licensing Information

CEPT: Aruba adopted the CEPT TR 61-01 Recommendation in 2016. Visitors from CEPT countries may now operate as P4/home-callsign during short visits.

If you can not operate based on the CEPT agreement: Aruba requires a two-month-in-advance application for a license and does not flex from this policy!!Directie Telecommunicatie Zaken

  1. Download and Print the License Application (PDF, new since 2019)
  2. Fill it out completely and Sign it.
  3. Make a photocopy of your valid Amateur Radio license.
  4. Make a photocopy of your valid Passport.
  5. Send the License Application, Copy of your Amateur Radio License, and copy of your Passport, to the Aruba licensing authority, Directie Telecommunicatie Zaken (DTZ), at the address below.

If you are staying with us, our property manager, Cris, P43C, can assist with paying the licensing fees and picking up the license for you. Contact us for details.

NOTE: While you will be responsible for the Visitor’s License fee (Afl 50) and the Handling Fee (Afl 50), and optionally the special callsign fee (Afl 50), you will not have to pay for the Inspection Fee, since our station has already been inspected. One US dollar is approximately 1.79 Afl (Aruba florin)

IMPORTANT! How to submit your application:

The mail service in Aruba is terribly slow. The best way to submit your application is to either email it or FAX it. Sending it via email will require you to figure out a way to scan your application and get all the supporting materials to DTZ in a way that will allow them to read them.

Web Page:

E-Mail: (the old address is no longer in use!)
FAX: 297-582-5307

Office Address:

(Please note that the address is incorrect on the application itself. The above address is the right one to use.

REMINDER! Aruba requires a three-month-in-advance application for a license and does not flex from this policy!! Use E-Mail or FAX for the fastest submission.