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P49V Aruba Ham Radio Rental

Here is your chance to enjoy the beauty of Aruba, and the world-class ham radio station built by Carl & Sue Cook, P49V & P40YL, now owned and operated by us (DL6RAI & DL2MLU).

The house and station are available for weekly rentals for up to 4 people, from January through December. Your rental fee includes use of the fully-equipped ham radio room and antennas for 6 through 160 meters.

For more information, please see the House, Ham Radio and Rates & Availability pages, and be sure to see the Photo Album. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Come and see what it’s like to be DX!
Luise, DL2MLU

Latest News:

Radio Holiday P40X

DF4XX, DL4HG, DL7AT and DL8UD stayed at the QTH in July/August 2017 and now came up with this nice video on YouTube. Thank for sharing it with us, guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffonWlqabh0&t=

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P49V available for CQWW Phone 2017

On somewhat short notice, the P49V station has become available for CQWW Phone. With two new high band antenna systems installed during the year and power line noise issues hopefully fixed (thanks to ELMAR), the station is ready again for the contest...

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